Advanced Statistics in Research:
Reading, Understanding
Writing Up
Data Analysis Results

Larry Hatcher Ph.D., Saginaw Valley State University
$59.95 Paperback: 644 pages (January 7, 2013)
ISBN-10: 9780985867003
ISBN-13: 978-0985867003



"Best statistics book I've ever had.” -Jade (Amazon customer review, November 3, 2016).

The easy-to-understand examples and illustrations are exemplary. This is an ideal text for advanced undergraduate or graduate-level courses on statistics or research.” -Dr. Chas Koermer, West Virginia University

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Table of Contents
and Free Chapters

Chapter 1: What this Book will Do
Chapter 2: Basic Concepts in Research and Statistics
Chapter 3: Central Tendency, Variability, and Descriptive Statistics
Chapter 4: z Scores and Area Under the Normal Curve
Chapter 5: The Big-Three Results in Research Articles
Chapter 6: Bivariate Correlation
Chapter 7: Bivariate Regression
Chapter 8: Partial Correlation and Statistical Control
Chapter 9: Multiple Regression I: Basic Concepts
Chapter 10: Multiple Regression II: Advanced Concepts
Chapter 11: Discriminant Analysis
Chapter 12: Logistic Regression
Chapter 13: MANOVA and ANOVA
Chapter 14: Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA)
Chapter 15: Exploratory Factor Analysis
Chapter 16: SEM I: Path Analysis with Manifest Variables
Chapter 17: SEM II: Confirmatory Factor Analysis
Chapter 18: SEM III: Path Analysis with Latent Factors
Chapter 19: Meta-Analysis
Chapter 20: Learning More about Statistics
Appendix A: Questionnaire on Eating and Exercising
Appendix B: Basics of APA Format