Free Template of APA-Style Paper
Formatted in Microsoft Office Word®

Want a quick start with your APA-style paper? Click the link below to download a template of an APA-style research paper saved as a Microsoft Office Word document. Everything is already formatted in correct APA style: margins, running head, title page, abstract, and more. The 12-page template uses three levels of headings and includes a sample table, a sample figure, and more. Delete the parts you don’t need, replace the template’s words with the text from your report, and you are good to go.

Click Here for Free “Clean” Template of the APA-Style Paper (Word)

The template is based on APA-style guidelines summarized in my book APA Style for Papers, Presentations, and Statistical Results: The Complete Guide, available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Books, and Goodreads. The template is free to everyone but will be especially useful to those using the book. As an additional service to those individuals, I have also created an annotated version of the template. The annotated version contains callouts that show where to go in the book to learn more about correct APA style for specific sections of the paper. Here’s the link:

Click Here for Annotated Template of the APA-Style Paper (PDF)