Help with Research Posters

 Free Examples of Research Posters

F1000 Research poster examples. Below is the link for the open science publishing platform called F1000Research. Among other things, it archives a very large selection of scientific research posters that you can use as models while creating a poster for your investigation. Once you locate the poster section at the site, you can apply filters to find examples of posters for specific disciplines such as psychology or biology.

Commercial Services for Creating and Printing Research Posters

Commercial poster printers. Below are links to a few of the many sites that can help you prepare and print a research poster. They can be useful if you are creating a single-page, large-format poster (say, 36 x 48 inches or larger). Most of these services offer free templates of posters saved as single-slide PowerPoint presentations. The user downloads the relevant template, fills in the information for the current study, and uploads the finished version to the service which then prints it and ships it to the customer for a fee. I have not pre-screened them, so keep your thinking cap on always investigate any commercial outfit before purchasing their services.